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Mould factory what one a of specialities engaged in mold design make and the products produce the as a organic whole enterprise Yuyao of city lion of town mound head plastic Yuyao

Since starting an undertaking, there is developing history of more than ten years already in our factory, has succeeded in training the technical staff of large quantities of high quality, The professional team is huge, technical force is rich, and according to producing the equipment through advanced processing, With the first-class technological service, offer a large amount of fine moulds to the masses of customers and make relevantly, Firmlying get the support and trust of the masses of customers, and, some products succeed in being sold to abroad, Have opened up the overseas market, has gotten unanimous favorable comment of the masses of customers. 

Our factory strives to strengthen constantly, probe constantly on the existing foundation Innovate constantly, surmount constantly. Welcome travelling trader at home and abroad and would appreciate the advice warm and sincerely , develop together.



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